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All Animals deserve a second chance

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an animal rescue organization

Our center serves as an adoption center for domestic pets. From orphaned kittens to abandoned dogs, we are committed to giving all animals a second chance by being adopted into a new home.

This year we rescued over thirty orphaned kittens, and were able to find a wonderful home for numerous abandoned and abused dogs.

One of our main goals is to educate pet owners of their responsibility, proper animal care, and the importance of spaying and neutering pets.

Rita Rendon is a Certified Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, and serves as the center’s Director. Before establishing Back to Nature Wildlife Sanctuary – Second Chance domestic rescue center, Rita served for several years at a large wildlife sanctuary in Hubert, North Carolina. While there, she devoted countless volunteer hours caring for and rehabilitating a wide range of animals. Rita has a heart and passion for all animals, both wild and domestic.

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Meet Maple

Once starved and abused, she has now found LOVE

kitten rescue

All orphaned and abandoned kittens found a new home.

This little Kitten was adopted and found a forever home.

Meet Clover, a beautiful long-haired gray and white, playful, 5 month old kitten with blue eyes.

 Did you know that nearly 14,000 dogs die a day at our American animal control facilities? Please take a moment and watch the video.  

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