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I have never known someone, like Rita Rendon who is so dedicated about Animal Welfare and Rehabilitation. I truly believe this is a worthwhile cause for the paws, which warrants your donations.

Benjamin Edwards Lynton, Self Employed, WARAPP Welding NC

Rita is a one of a kind person -- a true lover of all animals and a champion for saving the tiniest ones. When she was an amazing nurse at our office in California, she also took in orphaned animals. We saved some feral kittens that were living by the office. Another time, someone left a box full of kittens in front of a store, and ran off. Rita helped home them and she adopted Tina, one of the tiniest. Tina came with her all the way to North Carolina! Rita has a heart of gold and she has immense nursing skills to care for these animals.

Diane B., MD, Vista CA,

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